Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've been tagged for the first time - WooHoo!

How exciting, someone has been looking at my blog!! It's taken me a while to realise I've been tagged mind you!
Thanks....I think?!!! to Nicole Stalker for tagging me.

The rules are:

1 To link to the blog of the person who has tagged you

2 To share 7 random facts about yourself

3 To tag 7 more people by giving their names & linking to their blogs

4 Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they have been tagged

So here goes.......

1 I did a big adrenaline rush bungy jump in NZ (in the years before I was responsible & had children!)

2 I was born in London

3 My fave TV series at the moment is 'Life On Mars'

4 I play hockey on Saturdays & struggle to walk by Tues!

5 I like spiders!

6 I love Bill Bryson books

7 I had no interest in craft until I discovered stamping!

There are so many great blogs that I visit - I will try to choose 7 that are new or that I have only recently discovered

Tracey Wilson

Rebecca Ross

Samantha Post

Tanya Blewitt

Sarah-Jane Kale

Caroline Cassidy


Don't forget to check out Nicole's blog - she is very inspiring,


Stamping Moments said...

Hi Caroline,

Wow Your Blog is fantastic, I love that huge flower hope we get that one in the next cattie, Thanks for your kind words, Jenny x

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Hi Caroline

I don't mind being tagged at all... it's nice to know people have been looking at my blog... being new and all.
I'll keep dropping in for a peek at yours. Think I might case your noodle boxes!!!!

Tracey said...

My goodness - I'm so honoured to have been tagged! Congrats on the new blog, I've subscribed to keep up with your beautiful creations. In fact, I may have to CASE some for upcoming workshops.

Thanks for the to come up with something interesting...